RVL_Studio by filmmaker & visual artist Ruben Van Leer
Van Leer specializes in the refraction of the scientific through art.

Italian premiere of the film Symmetry at the Milan Design Film Festival.


about Ruben Van Leer

Ruben Van Leer is a Dutch a filmmaker and media artist whose award winning productions are shown world wide. Van Leer’s work is driven by his interest in movement, embodied experience and future sciences.

Van Leer (1984, The Netherlands) did his 1st master studies Social Design (2007, MFA) at the Sandberg Institute (postgraduate of Rietveld Academy Amsterdam), a semester Advanced Filmmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute USA (2005) and finished his 2nd master degree in film (2013, MA) at the Netherlands Film Academy.

Before the age of 18 Van Leer won two national competitions, creating a film and print campaign for foundation Against Useless Violence (broadcasted on MTV) and winning the NPS WebDance competition, resulting a contemporary dance film titled Merkavah for public television.

Van Leer worked with a multi disciplined arts community e.g. opera maker Michel van der Aa (interactive song cycle The Book Of Sand 2015), filmmaker Peter Greenaway (live installation Writing On Water 2003), jazzman Tigran Hamasyan (music video Cave Of Rebirth 2017) and choreographer Emio Greco (staging dance opera Non Solo Medea 2018).

Latest artworks Van Leer created are the space opera film Symmetry (2015): a story about a particle physicist who’s revealed cosmic knowledge when transforming into a dancer, falling into the LHC machine and ending at the moment before the Big Bang. Van Leer has been able to film this project inside CERN, the largest science laboratory in the world, starring soprano Claron McFadden, choreographer Lukáš Timulak and physicist Prof. Robbert Dijkgraaf. The project has received 11 awards, broadcasted internationally and is released in 8 languages. The live music performance and VR installation Sacred Environment was a collaboration between Dutch-Australian composer Kate Moore and Van Leer: an audiovisual investigation into the changing meaning of once holy places in our de-mythologised society. The piece was commissioned by the Holland Festival 2017 and Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, premiered live in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam and received an Audience Award.

Coming from a musical family and working with contemporary disciplines in film and dance from an early age, the time based arts are engraved in Van Leer’s DNA. Not limited to the confines of cinema, theater, digital art and pop-podia his practices aim to go beyond crossing genres and connecting audiences from different backgrounds around the world.


Filming Yeasayer in science lab Leiden, where once the microscope was invented.

Infiltrating a regular working day at CERN shooting the film project Symmetry.

Digital capture of Australian sacred sites, with Uncles John, Phil and Kate Moore.

Filming Lukáš Timulak’s dance triggering data live in Stedelijk Museum.


about _studio

The studio serves as a production powerhouse that combines cinematography and digital art to research contemporary visual storytelling, connecting with a broadband generation audience.

Van Leer has setup a boutique Westframe in the year 2001, bringing together a network of creatives to make awarded branded content for clients e.g. Sony, Hilfiger, Philips, Heineken, Tele2 and applying crafts for pop-music bands Coldplay, Wyclef Jean and The Black Eyed Peas. With the latter he toured USA and Europe as lead designer for The Energy Never Dies Tour (2010).

The TRUTH.IO foundation was created by Van Leer in 2015 as an independent research platform and co-production entity for film and media arts projects in collaboration with e.g. Arts@CERN, Holland Festival, CTM Pictures, LUSTlab, Stedelijk Museum, Ballet National de Marseille and with support of Microsoft, Google and VICE.

The new RVL_studio setup aims to combine these two different networks to bridge worlds of entertainment, science and technology with disciplines in the arts, creating a next kind of Gesamtkunstwerk.

The work needs to challenge the audience with a deeper imagination about todays globalising society. As a collective of artists, designers and technologists the studio aspires to fulfil a meaningful role creating story driven visual culture in a digital age.


Fusing choreographic point cloud data with CERN data for animations in film Symmetry.

Film production on the endless mineral landscape of Uyuni in Bolivia.

Shooting 60 meters under ground in CERN the large hadron collider.


data driven realities as metaphor

“I love to play with inter-subjective ideas in the work. Big ‘operatic’ ideas… If human life where to be a simulation for example, then we also must have the key to (re)write the source code. In today’s globalised world; finding that authentic voice becomes the most valuable asset socially, economically, historically. I believe it’s the artistic voice within each and everyone, that finally can creates an image of integration, the fusion of opposites. The very thing us as individuals and our society alike struggle with in life. I see a potential of symmetry between Power and Meaning that can create next forms of collaboration for my broadband generation; a crystallisation of being, surpassing borders that the media stream into the minds of many. Contemporary forms of storytelling in film and digital arts can facilitate that revolutionary imagination for our people, that is so urgent today.” –RVL


Stage visuals design for The Black Eyed Peas main stage Coachella USA.

VR performance Sacred Environment live with large orchestra at the concert hall.

Design of vocal-visual instrument performed live by My Baby in Paradiso Amsterdam.