Ruben van Leer

Glass Of The Microscope

Ruben van Leer
Glass Of The Microscope

Music video Glass Of The Microscope stars New York based pop band Yeasayer as post-apocalyptic bioscientists searching for a medicine to cure the world.

... filmed in one of the oldest research universities in Europe and the place where the 17th-century Dutch microbiologist Antoine van Leeuwenhoek developed an early prototype of the microscope.

science lab contextualising psy-pop

One of the hottest psychedelic pop bands Yeasayer commissioned Ruben Van Leer to come up with a visual journey creation for their Glass Of The Microscope single release from the Fragnant World album.

After technology saves the world — as Silicon Valley wants us to believe — what then? Well, then it looks as though the future of humanity depends on four dudes from Brooklyn.


writer & director: Ruben Van Leer
cinematography: Paul Ozgur
starring: Claron McFadden & Lukas Timulak
dancers: Joeri Dubbe, Celia Amade, Casar Faria Fernandes & Shirley Esseboom
music: Joep Franssens & Henry Vega
libretto: Stan Lapinski
dramaturgy: Martin Butler
editing: Amber Hooijmans
visual effects: Tom Geraedts & David Zaagsma
compositing: Bart Van Brussel & Ruben Van Leer
point clouds: Mickey van Olst, Christian Loclair & Cedric Kiefer (OnFormative)
data processing: Jurrien Steenkamp & Frederik Vanhoutte
art direction: Barnaby Monk (Herbert Luciole) & Judith Veenendaal
costume design: Anne De Grijff
line-producers: Pavel Ananich & Inge Zoete
producers: Sander Verdonk, Denis Wigman & Ruben Van Leer
produced by: CTM Pictures, NTR &
documentary by: Juliette Stevens, Moving Portraits
with support of: NL Filmfonds, Fonds 21, Creative Industries Fund & NTR
partners: Arts@CERN, Zoller+Fröhlich & Microsoft

filmmaker & media-artist