Ruben van Leer

Cave Of Rebirth

Ruben van Leer
Cave Of Rebirth

Cave Of Rebirth is a live action music video starring jazz man Tigran Hamasyan. Fractal animations unravel an imaginary world of algorithms initiated by a semi-improvised piano play.

From these mathematical formulas and improve music, the unending landscapes appear to eventually take on more familiar, biological forms, and eventually take us back to the beginning—to a musician playing his piano.

Armenian jazz & fractal equations

An Ancient Observer is Tigran Hamasyan’s eighth record as a sole leader and his second album for Nonesuch Records and you won’t be able to find anything else that sounds like it. Armenian melodies, based on modal scales and enriched by frequent yet always discreet ornaments, are matched with harmonic and rhythmic restlessness, odd time signatures, tuplets and polyrhythmic sections. Ruben Van Leer translated the musical patterns into a fractal animated journey together with collaborator Julius Horsthuis. In the film we travel from a modern empty warehouse where Tigran starts playing and end up in an infinite mathematical landscape. As if the abstract visualisations come from Tigran’s imagination the camera turns 180 degrees and we land back next to the piano. The film is an affirmation for striving folk jazz music in a modern society increasingly governed by algorithms.



director: Ruben Van Leer
starring: Tigran Hamasyan
fractal animation: Julius Horsthuis
cinematography: Daan Bukman
stylist: Imruh Asha
focus puller: Kasper Stegeman
gaffer: Marcel Brugman
grip: Bjorn Schumacher
line producer: Philippe Avendano
makeup: Faisa Sontodimedjo
colorsit: Efraim Gons
post fascilities: Hectic Electric
produced by:

filmmaker & media-artist